ZINC: A Finger In Every Pie!

Do you have more than one white spot on more than one of your finger nails?  If you do, you are most likely zinc deficient. You can also work out what event initiated the extra sudden drop in the body’s zinc status.  Nails take 3 months to grow from the quick to the end, so a spot 1/3 in, happened one month ago so think back and ask, was that when I had a flu? Or was it a big night out on lashings of alcohol, or was it an acute time of stress or a very poor eating? Begin to perhaps tune in to the body’s responses – what it likes and dislikes.  Note you can still be zinc deficient without zinc spots.

Zinc is the Grand Daddy of the trace minerals involved in all of the following very significant processes ion the body – it controls immunity, skin/hair/nail quality, prostate health, liver detox pathways, male and female sex hormone production, insulin production, attitude to food and appetite, neurotransmitter production, digestive enzyme secretion, thyroid function and wound healing.

Zinc partners up with two other key players – Vit B6 and Magnesium.  This triplet is involved in hundreds of bodily functions.

Sadly, Australian soils are among the most seriously  deficient in the world with regards to zinc – and selenium – and iodine.  So regular monitoring of zinc is a great health insurance policy – able to prevent many unwanted illnesses. A simple taste test is all it takes.  Depression and other psychiatric conditions regularly benefit from zinc replenishment.  Our ‘feel good’ brain chemical SEROTONIN, cannot be maintained without zinc.  The amino acid Tryptophan (from food) is made into 5HTP then Serotonin using Zinc, folate, B6 magnesium and Vit C.  We then make MELATONIN from Serotonin in order to manage sleep processes.  A good night’s sleep fixes a lot of things!

Zinc’s very powerful trace mineral – too little is harmful- but too much is equally bad.  Levels should be monitored.  Some people need small doses to correct levels and others need much higher.

For more information and free zinc monitoring please feel welcome to enquire at Professional Naturopathics.