I’ve loved all the information that’s been given. Denise is so knowledgeable, I could listen to her all day! I’ve also enjoyed Erin’s take on things and the way she explains things. A great team effort. The kindness and generosity of you both has been touching. Thank-you.

TOTAL Body Overhaul Participant

I’m feeling a lot less lethargic/bloated. Love the cooking classes and veggie garden venues. I’m not hungry, snacking or bingeing. I feel a lot clearer.

Female, 37 – TOTAL participant

The venue and cooking classes are fantastic, you feel motivated going each week. The food you eat is delicious, you don’t feel hungry – the cravings go!

TOTAL Body Overhaul Participant

I have found the guidance and professional knowledge given was beyond reproach. Denise is a most knowledgeable health professional and works with me in order to achieve the end goal of ensuring optimum health isĀ achieved. The staff in the shop always greet you with a smile which promotes a feeling of confidence.

Male, 57

I totally recommend this service to anyone. Denise worked with me in a non-judgmental way, she is very knowledgeable and made attending appointments enjoyable. I appreciated the positive reinforcement and motivation at each session. I have lost weight, improved my energy and increased my fitness.

Female, 61

I’ve really enjoyed the Total Body Overhaul and would recommend it to anyone! Initially I joined to learn how to make, or rather (re-make) family meals for the dietary needs of my husband and children. However, I gained so much more than a bunch of new recipes. Gathering round Denise’s kitchen to watch, smell and taste different foods was great. Losing weight and feeling better was a bonus for me.

Female, 43

It’s so ‘non-sterile’ to gather round the breakfast bar to watch, smell and taste different foods and learn how to make suitable meals and snacks. Going into the garden was also great. I really appreciate a written copy of all the info, as I forget all the gems I’ve learnt.

TOTAl Body Overhaul Participant

Denise treated me for cervical cancer which resulted in avoiding surgery and any further medical treatment over a short period of time. Much to the absolute shock of my treating doctors.

Female, 25

My personal health issues include 2 hip replacements over 10 years ago, and whilst they have healed perfectly recent blood tests showed extremely high levels of Chromium and Cobalt. I followed a protocol prescribed by Denise and a further blood test after 4.5 months showed reduced levels of Chromium by 50% and Cobalt by 70%.


Male, 60

Many thanks to Denise Klemm from Professional Naturopathics for helping my family and me deal with health issues over a long period of time. I was first introduced to Denise when my wife went to see her about regular debilitating migraine headaches. A change of diet rectified the problem and she no longer suffers from these which in the past would often result in a stay in hospital on a drip.


Male, 64