Magnesium – Are you deficient?

Do you experience ‘eye tics’? – They are those embarrassing moments when your eyelid feels like it is jumping for all the world to see? – Or, do you have any other muscles go into little pulsing spasms?

Significant magnesium deficiency is the primary cause of ‘tics’. It is also the main cause of cramps in calf muscles or anywhere else. Missed heart beats (ectopic) and benign tachycardias often respond to magnesium therapy, together with general fatigue , constipation, poor stress management and warding off migraines.

The list continues including: cold hands and feet, anxiety, depression, insomnia, kidney stones, high blood pressure, failure to dilate during pregnancy/labour.

If we eat a good diet, why would anyone be deficient? AND if all green vegetables are loaded with magnesium why are thousands of people lacking this mineral? well, sometimes it is ‘what we do’ rather than ‘what we don’t do’!

Sugar, alcohol and caffeine are major magnesium depletors as are refined carbohydrates, stress and sweating for any reason.

The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for adults is 350mg from food and supplements. Great ways to up your magnesium are quality fresh-squeezed veggie juices – daily if possible. Try spinach and fresh pineapple (2:1) or raw cabbage and carrot with parsley.

The new COMPACT JUICERS squeeze veggies and fruits rather than the damaging centrifuge. This means vitamins  and enzymes remain whole and juices last for 1-2 days refrigerated – NOT half an hour before they go brown and oxidized! Whole grains, nuts, seeds and molasses also contribute.

Athletes and labourers really still need supplementation with quality electrolyte drinks – remember to avoid artificially coloured ones! The theraputic  dose for Magnesium (above the RDA) is 300 – 1000mg, balanced with calcium, potassium and B vitamins.

Call into ‘Professional Naturopathics’ for more exacting advice.