Folate: New Science

Folate takes its name from foligae. That’s because Folate is rich in all green vegetables and ‘foliage’. It’s old name was vitamin B9.

Most of us know that inadequate Folate can cause birth defects especially neural tube defects such as Spina-Bifida. BUT on a daily basis Folate does much, much more. In our western populace some 20 – 40% of people struggle to convert our green veggies into the active and usable form of Folate called 5MTHF (5-Methyl-Tetra Hydro Folate). This is because of a genetic defect in the enzyme, that does the conversion, called ‘Methylene Tetra-Hydro-Folate-Reductase’, or MTHFR for short. This defective gene is now able to be tested.  Continue reading