Folate: New Science

Folate takes its name from foligae. That’s because Folate is rich in all green vegetables and ‘foliage’. It’s old name was vitamin B9.

Most of us know that inadequate Folate can cause birth defects especially neural tube defects such as Spina-Bifida. BUT on a daily basis Folate does much, much more. In our western populace some 20 – 40% of people struggle to convert our green veggies into the active and usable form of Folate called 5MTHF (5-Methyl-Tetra Hydro Folate).¬†This is because of a genetic defect in the enzyme, that does the conversion, called ‘Methylene Tetra-Hydro-Folate-Reductase’, or MTHFR for short. This defective gene is now able to be tested.¬†

The blockage occurs between the green vegetable Folate (inactive) and its conversion into Folinic Acid and then to 5-MTHF (active B9).

Giving very high doses of Folate is thought to ‘push’ a little bit more Folate into 5-MTHF but, if the defect is severe, it is much more logical to administer 5MTHF.

5-MTHF (Active B9) goes on to determine how much Serotonin you make for happy moods and good sleep; it is a key player in liver detox of heavy metals such as lead and mercury; it breaks down Homocysteine which otherwise can damage your arteries; it begins a process to make sulphates for your tendons and joints; it’s needed to make Dopamine and Adrenalin and it is vital for the elimination of toxic estrogen or testosterone which cause breast or prostate cancer.

I guess it’s just another reason to “eat your veggies!” One of the BEST sources of B9 is sea algae.

5MTHF, the most usable form of ‘Folate’ is now available through accredited Natural health Practitioners. A note of caution: it is not wise to take 5MTHF without the support of the other nutrients aligned with it (eg. B6 and vitamins and minerals).

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