Magic Vitamin B12

Way before people register B12 deficiency on a blood test, their ability to use the B12 they have, has failed. This means they do not have ‘Pernicious Anemia’ BUT they do have a problem with lack of B12 in the right places. People in the ‘grey zone’ can be detected with the laboratory test that measures Methylmalonic acid (MMA). This metabolite rises in people with poor B12 usage.

For the last decade the directive from the USA has been, supplement for 6 weeks with sub-lingual B12 that absorbs through the mouth, and see if you feel better OR symptoms abate. If they do, then you were B12 deficient. 

B12, of old, was ‘Cyanocobalamin’ and quite difficult to absorb through the intestines; however, more modern forms of B12 are Methyl B12 (Methylcobalamin) and Adenosyl-cobalamin. These are more usable by the body.

Excitingly, B12 as a sub-lingual spray is now available in Australia and WORKS very efficiently.

So what else does it do?

B12 is a Methyl Donor. It gives little molecular groups (of 1 carbon stuck onto 3 Hydrogens) to other molecules, this donation will either switch them “on” or “off”. This process is key to:

  • Making neurotransmitters such as Serotonin and Dopamine
  • Running liver enzymes to detox
  • Excreting Mercury and other heavy metals
  • Breaking down histamine to control allergies
  • Making red and white blood cells
  • Building nerve cells, brain cells and spinal cord cells
  • Sustaining the optic nerve and peripheral nerves

A recent case history of a fit 80 year old woman who had complained of ‘dizzy’ disorientating episodes as she turned over in bed or stood up, hung up the washing or just looked up to do something, reported that after 3 days on sub-lingual B12 spray her symptoms had dissipated. This outcome occurred after TWENTY FIVE YEARS of a myriad of other treatments including massage, chiropractic and extensive nutrient therapy – including B12 orally (as a capsule), which has to be absorbed through the gut.

What of the woman of 50 years who suffered exhaustion to the point of needing daily lay downs and a nap, unable to stay awake any longer at 10am….finally able to get through a day without resting, after 3 weeks of oral B12 therapy.

AND, the young man with neuralgia (shooting pains) of the scalp who became symptom free soon after starting B12?

B12 deficiency has a number of ‘hallmarks’ with symptoms such as:

  • Paraesthesia of extremities eg. numbness, tingling or shooting pains in the scalp, fingers or tongue
  • A “porcelain” skin tone, especially of the face (pale and shiny like a china doll)
  • Purple to grey hues of the lips and face, often with white/grey hair.
  • An unusual “mental take” on the world – from irrational thought patterns to mental disorders and psychosis.

B12 deficiency has a serious side-effect with heavy metal accumulation, because even slight deficiency prevents adequate excretion of lead, arsenic, cadmium, tin and mercury. The liver must have B12 (plus Folate and B6) to rid the body of these poisons. A build up of heavy metals can cause:

  • Gout
  • tachycardias
  • fatigue
  • mental illness
  • cancer
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • autism
  • memory loss
  • dementia
  • hormone imbalance
  • skin disorders

Centuries ago human beings made more of their own B12 via gut bacteria manufacture. However, modern society has somewhat changed this process AND for vegetarians and vegans who once thought mushrooms supplied a good source of B12 – we now know the B12 in a mushroom sits on the outside of their skin…supplied only by the manure they were grown in!

Modern living seems to put us in a position of B12 depletion. However, this is easy and quickly remedied with excellent supplementation available from Professional Naturopathics.


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