ZINC: What men need to know

Zinc has a big role to play in cancer prevention because it has such a powerful influence on female and male hormone balance – and more importantly upon whether hormones break down to harmless metabolites.

Testosterone in males (and females) should be broken down, after it’s used around the body, to substances that exit the body through the bile into the stools.  Without zinc (and B6 and sulphate) this doesn’t occur and testosterone goes down a different route to become dihydro-testosterone – a dangerous metabolite which over stimulates prostate tissue and leads to greater risks of prostate cancer.  The herb Saw Palmetto helps in a similar way.

Men have oestrogen in their bodies too. Similarly if the body is unable to find enough nutrients to break it down safely, oestrogen will also affect the prostate negatively.

Males with excessive fatty breast tissue and pot bellies are generally running higher levels of oestrogens, as well as excess levels of Insulin that by itself is inflammatory and provocative to prostate tissues. Cutting down excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates also helps to get control of wayward testosterones and oestrogens.

Vit D3 has come to the fore of recent times, with a myriad of helpful uses.  In prostate dysfunction Vit D3 has been shown to make a positive difference.

Finally, Zinc helps male fertility in two ways – firstly numbers of sperm produced and secondly, the health of each sperm.

Remember that zinc is a trace mineral and can be taken in excess as well as its common deficiency, so make use of zinc testing to know your zinc status.

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