The Skin Drought!

Is your skin resembling the bottom of a parched dam? Does it soak up moisture like there is no tomorrow? Is your scalp dry and flaky BUT your ears are full of too much wax?

All of these signs generally represent nutrient deficiencies. It indicates a need for more vitamin A, E, C Beta-carotene, Omega 3 (Chia seeds and Fish Oil), Omega 6 (veggie oils and avocado), Omega 9 (Olive oil and flax seeds), Zinc (fish and seaweeds) and of course WATER (Fresh and un-chlorinated). 

It is also a need for a lot LESS of the things we just love doing like: drinking coffee (diuretic), alcohol (zinc depleting), eating tasty nutrient poor foods OR being addicted to allergenic foods.

Australia’s zinc-deficient soils have a lot to answer for because even if you eat lots of fresh foods, zinc levels are usually still low. The skin craves vitamin A, but most Vitamin A comes to us as beta-carotene – the orange/yellow pigmentation in yellow, orange, red and green foods – especially vegetables.

The problem is that beta-carotene has to be made INTO vitamin A by our bodies, and, get this…it is totally dependent on having enough zinc!

You will have seen people with yellow palms and skin (not eye whites); these people may be over consuming orange veggies OR they may just be zinc deficient and eating a normal amount of vegetables.

Keratoses Pilaris is that annoying condition of the upper arms being covered by raised rough bumps. This responds over time to taking vitamin A, Zinc, fish oil and loofering. For many, milk allergy underpins this, so a low milk diet plus calcium supplementation helps.

Dry skin loves lashings of natural oils applied topically once OR twice daily but remember…oils are absorbed into your body through the skin so ALWAYS choose 100% pure and natural products without chemical additives.