Farewell Arthritis!

Medicated for years, many people plod on thinking this is the only solution for osteo-arthritis. Once again, if you unravel these cases you can often find a cure. Have you explored your causes? If not, where do you start?

Osteo-arthritis is primarily driven by inflammation. So finding what is provoking the inflammation in your body is a good start. The body never ‘decides’ to inflame itself unless it thinks it needs to in an attempt to heal itself. Inflammation is a deliberate process that uses extra energy to increase blood flow, nutrients and special chemicals to an area that is in trouble. A sprained ankle is a good example. There is also heat and swelling with inflammation – and Pain.

Over 20 years of practice, I have seen many amazing responses to intervention with dietary changes but also with removal of heavy metals, gut repair, eradication or parasites, immune boosts against viral infections and compensation for genetic glitches in nutrition.

Dietary causes of inflammation are of course mostly to do with foods. The biggest culprit of all is gluten. One does not need to be diagnosed coeliac to be affected by this long complex protein. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye, malt, oats and semolina.

My fondest memory is of an elderly woman who consulted with me at my office. She had grossly deformed hands, knees and other joints. This lovely lady began a low allergy diet (gluten free etc). On day 5 she rang me to say she was “Climbing ladders”. I thought she was speaking metaphorically. I asked how much her pain had reduced. She laughed and said “No – I’m up the ladder painting my ceiling!!”

We encourage you to come into Professional Naturopthics to discuss any health concern you may have. We want to help you climb ladders!