The Teenage Acne Scourge

If you are afflicted with this most inconvenient imposition in your teenage years, take heart because there is a lot that can be done to successfully remedy this. Understanding the mechanics of teenage acne, and pre-menstrual acne too, shows you how to fix it.

The sebaceous glands (oil glands) on the face, neck and upper back are ‘talked to’ by testosterone and estrogen in both boys and girls and stimulated to secrete oils. High levels of these hormones at puberty cause excess secretion, made even worse if testosterone or estrogen is wrongly broken down into negative metabolites.

These levels, plus hormone quality, are largely controlled by the livers ability to quickly break down hormones and safely excrete them.

Very simply, this process is governed by your level of zinc, B6 (and other B’s) and the sulfur containing amino acids such as Methionine, Taurine, Cysteine, Glutathione and Iron. Any shortfall in these nutrients slows down the ‘throwing out’ of sex hormones, leaving them to run rampant and increase oil gland secretion plus thicken the oil. Bacteria can then infect this sludgy sebum and a pimple evolves. Long term antibiotics can assist in part by killing these bacteria.

We also know that Insulin excess, responding to excess carbohydrates in our diet, causes acne. Reducing sugar, alcohol, caffeine, grains and starches helps a lot. This allows Insulin to ‘level out’ and skin clears.

Professionally I prefer to fix the underlying cause and re-establish a vital balance. Acne is only a sign of imbalance – and remember- more than the skin is being effected by this imbalance. It’s worth remembering that negative testosterone metabolites have a slow, long term impact on the Prostate and eventually on its enlargement or cancer.

Diet issues also contribute through depleting the key nutrients previously mentioned. So looking at refined carbohydrate intake can help, and also sadly now dairy product too. Pesticide contaminants in dairy can have an estrogenic effect, as can allergy to milk.

If you have concerns about your skin, please feel free to come in for a chat (a free expose) or contact us for more support.