Professional Naturopathics has put together the simplest, easiest, low cost, NO gimmick weight-loss, reclaim your health process. We call it “The Super Simple weight loss protocol”. You do NOT count calories, count fats or weigh food. This is a one-on-one process with Naturopath Denise Klemm and it begins with a half an hour private training, and then check-ins at intervals individualized to you.

“We teach you how to fish….rather than just giving you fish!”

In other words, you learn the principles of choosing foods and putting food together. It is FUN and user friendly – especially when eating out.

Prefer a group setting and support..?

Looking for an intensive, supportive and valuable programme to really jump-start your weight-loss journey..?

You may be interested in our SIX MONTH programme, which includes a 10-week intensive quick start. This is our TOTAL Body Overhaul programme READ MORE HERE