Our Philosophy

mission statement

Our dedications to you are:

“We find the CAUSE to FIX the DIS-EASE

We work with the body in order to Heal and do NO HARM

We are also:

  • Up to date with cutting edge health information
  • Science based
  • Personalized with our service and care

We assist you to find BALANCE at ALL levels…emotional, physical and spiritual

We find a BALANCE between natural medicine AND contemporary medicine

You & naturopathy

Naturopathy is personalised, individualised natural health care. Its focus is to do you no harm using low-risk natural medicines and interventions. You are seen as a ‘whole integrated being’ not as unrelated parts. Denise Klemm brings an additional advantage to her diagnostic skills through drawing on her specialty knowledge and qualification in Nutritional Biochemistry.

The principle of care is to find the cause of your condition and then to devise a step-by-step process with you in order to reverse the Dis-Ease.

Naturopathy is also about working with you if you are well, to prevent future problems or to maximise your absolute health and fitness.

An astute practitioner will employ her expertise as well as observations about you and a thorough case history, to give you an understanding of how your body’s health problem has evolved. Such understanding can help foster your personal power and motivation to regain health and balance.

Your own observations and intuition about your health or illness are valued, and you are viewed as the one in charge of your well-being. Your Naturopath’s role is therefore to support you and to provide information, options and care.

Naturopathy values ample time with you to allow you the opportunity to understand how treatments and programmes will work at a deep-body level. Maintaining hope, faith and honesty in the healing process is paramount. Positivity, nurturing and support is beyond compromise.

“Creating an environment in which the body can heal itself or maintain optimal health is the ultimate aim”