DNA Forum

We now have the technology to test your Human Genome!

Our “DNA Life” test assesses dozens of your genes through a simple Buccal Swab (swab of the mouth lining).

Your genes tell us about what is going wrong and what might go wrong. They give us the ability to ‘fix’ health issues and ‘prevent’ future ones.

Major areas of testing include:

  • 5 Methylation genes (Folate metabolism)
  • Lipid/Fat metabolism
  • Detoxification ability
  • Inflammation risks
  • Oxidative stress issues
  • Bone health tendencies
  • Insulin/Diabetes risks
  • Food allergy issues
  • Iron overload disorder
  • Collagen/connective tissue disorders
  • Mood disorder indicators and causes

Our forum gives an overview of what these genes mean and ways of improving their outcomes.

We offer the option of testing on-the-spot.